New to Medicare?

Medicare can be confusing. Bantoo Insurance has you covered. All our services are no-cost to you which include education, planning, enrollment, and service.
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Turning 65 or retiring soon?

Worry no more! We can help you navigate the Medicare maze. Our services have no cost and no obligation.
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Am I Eligible for Medicare?

Medicare is not available for everyone. Learn about your eligibility and understand your options.
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When Can I Enroll in Medicare?

Understanding all the various enrollment periods can be difficult. We help you understand which is the right enrollment period for you so you can get covered.
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What is Medicare Advantage?

It’s a type of Medicare health insurance offered by private health insurance companies. We can help you identify the plan with the most value for you.
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Bantoo Insurance

Bantoo Insurance is an independent health insurance broker. We represent a wide variety of health insurance plans - we work for you! We are independent of insurance carriers, therefore Bantoo Insurance advocates on your behalf to find the most suitable Medicare, Individual & Family, and business health insurance options and price points.

Our Process & Services

Every client is a unique individual with their own needs. It’s our responsibility to identify the best health insurance solution for you, and to provide you with an assurance of quality service.
Initial Appointment
The best step you can take is to schedule a quick phone call with us.
Finding Right Solution
Our goal is to help you. Feel free to ask questions.
Quality Assurance
Let us take care of you. Our Bantoo Insurance team is dedicated to you.
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Initial Appointment

The best step you can take is to schedule a quick phone call with us.

This will be the first time we get to know each other and for us to understand your insurance needs. We’re experienced and we listen. Don’t worry, we will walk you through it.

Our goal is to help you

Finding Right Solution

We will review your needs, plan costs & benefits, and do comparison shopping for you. Our services are absolutely NO-COST and no obligation to you. We are committed to saving you time and money.

Annual plan reviews

Quality Assurance

Are here to service you throughout the lifetime of your selected plan, not just during enrollment. We perform annual plan reviews to ensure your coverage is up-to-date and cost effective.

We’re contracted, appointed, and certified with 20+ companies including but not limited to these carriers
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